March 2019 Monthly Wrap-Up

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March for me meant the start of a new semester, this time with a full load of classes. Homework. General time-sapping nastiness. Not enough sleep. I felt like I barely read anything, that I was in a state of constant slump, but now looking at it laid out like that…it’s actually a pretty average, if not above average month, which is a pleasant surprise.

Most of all, I managed to complete the yearly April-to-April r/fantasy Bingo challenge, two full cards (which I’m never doing again, fuck) just in time for the new one to roll out.

  • Chalice by Robin McKinley: Started off very badly and ended in a disappointment, but the middle was great. Nice, slow slice of life featuring magic bees.
  • Last Song Before Night by Ilana C. Myer (reread): This has been a pure spur-of-the-moment reread. I saw it on my shelves, grabbed it. It absolutely lives up.
  • Treason’s Shore by Sherwood Smith: I started reading this series back in 2016 and now I finally wrapped it up. I felt like the last book was the worst of the four, too meandering (could legit not tell you what happens in the first half), but the ending was good. I’d still recommend the series.
  • Prince of the Godborn by Geraldine Harris (DNF): I wanted to give more old fantasy a try and saw this reviewed highly, so it seemed like a good option…but I just couldn’t do it. Too many names thrown at me and no reason to care.
  • Chimera by Tyler Ellis (read here): A new webcomic discovery. Will definitely continue.
  • A Coalition of Lions by Elizabeth Wein: Sequel to The Winter Prince, which I read a few years ago and liked very much. This book takes place in a different setting, with a different protagonist, and I didn’t like it quite as much, but it was a fast read and still worth recommending – especially if you’re looking for books taking place in Africa!
  • Witchmark by C.L. Polk: Review hopefully soon. Loved it, it’s a very fast read, the MC is somewhat similar to Caz from The Curse of Chalion (broken veteran who just wants a quiet life), and the romance is adorable…but man did I want to strangle his hypocrite of a sister.

Books read this year: 15 (+ 5 rereads)
r/Fantasy Bingo Challenge progress: 50/50 (100%), COMPLETE  Partying Face on Twitter Twemoji 11.3

8 thoughts on “March 2019 Monthly Wrap-Up”

  1. oooof classes can be such a struggle, if not on their own then for the fact that they just eat up so much TIME. (like, it’s not enough that I sit through lectures? I also have to do homework? AND study on my own? geez.)

    but I’m glad you got to read an about-average number of books, and congrats on completing the Bingo challenge 🎉 good luck with the new one!!

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    1. The time really is the killer. Exams are honestly not bad, but I have 2-3 things due each week on average, worst case scenario 4 or 5. And I’m not fast. I can either blog or read, but not both…

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  2. I am always impressed with students who make time for “reading for fun” when they have a full semester of packed classes. Kudos to you! I wish I would have made more time for that when I was in school. I think it is so important.

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    1. Yeah, it is important! I don’t think I could do without books, honestly 😛

      I learned over time that as long as I don’t attempt something dumb – like starting an amazing book just before an exam, haven’t done that, nope, not me (for the record, I did pass) – I can juggle both. But I haven’t had a blog then…


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