November 2021 Monthly Wrap-Up

While November hasn’t been a great month for reading quality-wise, with more duds than not, I managed to finish the Bingo Challenge and I did it earlier than ever. Now, the only challenge that remains is seeing if I can get the number of finished books to 69.

Aside from reading, I finally learned how to crochet and have been doing it with great enthusiasm since 😀


  • A Woman of the Iron People by Eleanor Arnason:Not sure how to feel about this one. Good job on the alien culture as always, but the random caricature Marxists among the crew were…highly confusing to say the least.
  • The Labyrinth’s Archivist by Day Al-Mohamed: Fun little novella. Hope to see more in this universe.
  • Fireheart Tiger by Aliette de Bodard: Didn’t work for me overall. Typical novella issues of it not quite working in that short of a pagecount, plus a protagonist I didn’t enjoy following.
  • A Master of Djinn by P. Djèlí Clark: Finally went and finished it. WHile I love the setting as much as ever, the plot structure was weak and a little repetitive in the first half. Hopefully just a first novel hiccup, will definitely read more in the series.
  • The Wolf and the Woodsman by Ava Reid: Well, if that wasn’t the disappointment of the year. The religion stuff was reasonably well done (if unsubtle), but overall, poorly written, the plot especially was an utter mess. But hey, at least I finished Bingo.
  • The Chosen and the Beautiful by Nghi Vo (DNF 22%): Very distant narration and magic that felt tacked on rather than an organic part of the setting. Wasn’t a fan.
  • Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky: Finally a good book after a string of disappointments! Flawlessly executed, especially since it’s a concept that’d usually take a trilogy done in the span of a novella. Really liked how it played with language, too. Warning, though: body horror.

Currently reading:

  • The Spring of the Ram by Dorothy Dunnett: Though I question the wisdom of going for another long book, I did miss Nicholas. The magnificent bastard he is.

Books read in 2021: 62 (+ 7? rereads)
r/Fantasy Bingo Challenge progress: 25/25 (100%) 🥳🥳

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