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25 | Slovenia | she/her | 🏳️‍🌈

Hello! I’m a long-time fantasy fan who loves talking about books. I prefer character-focused stories with good worldbuilding, though pretty prose is a nice bonus. I’m also a complete sucker for mundane/slice of life fantasy. When it comes to sci-fi, I like the kind with a more social bent (Le Guin…) or focus firmly on the characters rather than the science and tech. Generally leaning more adult than YA. Outside of SFF, I also like the occasional romance book and historical nonfiction (the 18th century being my particular obsession)…but let’s be honest most of what I read is SFF, so that’s what I blog about.

My aim is to provide honest, analytical (though obviously very subjective!) reviews to hopefully help fellow readers decide whether a book is worth their time. All my reviews are spoiler-free, though reviews of sequels may contain spoilers for previous installments.

Favourite book: The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan (review!)

When I’m not reading or looking for new books to read, I enjoy watching my favourite watering hole livecam, sketching, worldbuilding, knitting, dicking around on discord, playing the occasional video game, and building model airplanes.

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