Hello! I’m a long-time fantasy fan who loves talking about books. My tastes lately have been leaning towards more character-focused books, with good worldbuilding, more adult than YA. I’m also a complete sucker for mundane/slice of life fantasy. Aside from fantasy, I like sci-fi with a more social bent (Le Guin…) and the occasional nonfiction book. And webcomics.

My aim is to provide honest, analytical (though obviously very subjective!) reviews to hopefully help fellow readers decide whether a book is worth their time. All my reviews are spoiler-free, though reviews of sequels may contain spoilers for previous installments.

Favourite book: The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan (review!)

When I’m not reading or looking for new books to read, I enjoy sketching, worldbuilding, knitting, dicking around on discord, playing the occasional video game, and building model airplanes.

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