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Have a recommendation? Questions? Spotted a broken link or just want to chat about books? Contact me using the form below!

You can also find me on twitter and goodreads.

Review policy

Review requests are currently closed (at least until April, if not May). When they are open, please contact me using the form, replies go straight to my email inbox.

Because of my location, I only accept ebook copies (no PDFs please). I try my best to review ARCs in time, but I am also a student, a mood reader, and generally have a busy reading schedule – I cannot guarantee I will read accepted requests immediately and may also decline requests based on availability, preferences or…any reason really.

I prefer to read fantasy and (soft) sci-fi. I like character-focused books with good worldbuilding and particularly enjoy slice of life SFF. Diversity, especially LGBTQ+ rep is very welcome. I prefer adult to YA (I’m far pickier with the latter), and generally do not enjoy grimdark – lots of abuse, sexism, or sexual violence are a negative for me, especially if caught unaware.

I will NOT review anthologies, middle grade books, LitRPG, horror, urban fantasy, dystopia, paranormal romance – books in those categories are simply not for me. Likewise, I do not do beta reads or promotional posts.

I write an honest review of everything I finish, but may choose not to if I DNF early on (in which case I’ll let you know). I x-post reviews in their entirety to goodreads and r/fantasy and link to them on twitter and tumblr.

Rating system:

I split my rating into two components, Enjoyment and Execution. Both are fairly subjective, and while they mostly match pretty closely, there are excellent books I do not enjoy, bad books I do (cough Eragon cough), and this system makes rating in such ambigous cases much easier. In both categories, I go up to 5, with 1 being the lowest and 5 the highest.

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