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2019 Big Webcomics Catch-Up: Tapas, Part #1

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Tapas (formerly Tapastic) is one of my favourite platforms for webcomics. Before I finally set up an RSS feed and stopped relying on bookmarks last year, I had two big problems: discovering new comics to read and keeping track of which comic updates when, which are active, and so on. I could never remember for more than a couple. So stumbling upon a site that had many comics in one place, some sorting, and alerted you when they updated? It was a fucking godsend.

Since I followed so many comics on there, I will be splitting this part of the catch-up into three posts, last one of which will be dedicated to comics that have stopped being active before I fell off the wagon last June. Comics from my RSS feed (there’s even more of those) will be split in a similar way. There will be separate posts dedicated to complete comics, favourites, etc as well.

Now, onto the comics themselves (in alphabetical order).

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2019 Big Webcomics Catch-Up: Introduction

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Introduction (you are here)
Tapas, Part #1 (Bad Bad Things, Cupido, Desert Rose, Finding Home, The Firelight Isle, Fisheye Placebo, Fox & Willow)

Webcomics used to be one of my favourite forms of entertainment. I first got into them around 2010 or 2011, with Romantically Apocalyptic, Shadowgirls, The Phoenix Requiem,¬†and probably a few others – though¬†The Phoenix Requiem is the only of those early comics I’d still recommend and even remains one of my favourites to this day. I never had enough. It was quite hard to find new things to read, lots of sorting through crap, lots of artists who went on a perpetual hiatus and comics I lost my patience with for other reasons, but eventually, I accumulated about 80 that I followed. Not all of them were favourites, not all of them necessarily the best, a few will likely be DNF’d in the next few weeks or months or years, but it’s the current state of my list.

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